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Monday, June 26, 2017

Amazing! Couple Who Got Married Just 3 Days After They Met Celebrate 37th Wedding Anniversary

A Nigerian man has shocked many after he revealed the secret of his parents' marriage which has lasted for about 37 years now.
Thugnificent Jackson shared the photo of his parents who celebrated 37 years of married life
This might sound unbelievable! A Twitter user, Thugnificent Jackson has shared an interesting story of his parents who got married just three days after meeting. Now the couple are celebrating 37 years of happily married life.
How can people who met and got married after three days have such a lasting marriage when people who have dated for years cannot achieve such a feat. Many people have expressed shock and congratulated the couple for the feat.
Thugnificent Jackson said that his parents met in 1980 and walked down the aisle three days later. He revealed the reason why the relationship lasted as he said the mother is very tolerant and an understanding person.

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