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Thursday, June 8, 2017

DNA drama sparks war and threatens marriages across ‘Nigeria Facebook, Twitter and Instagram’

DNA drama

For some days now, there’s been a virtual war going on social media platforms available to Nigerians, and it’s all because of DNA drama.
This war was sparked when ‘Ila Otu’ Facebook group admin, Ben Victor, shared a message on his wall from one of his readers.

DNA drama
DNA drama
However, this message which revealed Ben’s follower who has been abroad for a while and recently returned to Nigeria, plan to carry out a DNA test on all his kids to ascertain their paternity, asking to be referred to a good hospital to carry out the test because he has been suspecting his wife might not have been faithful to him all the years he’s been away, sparked the DNA drama/war.
This post got mixed reactions from Facebook users, as some felt he had no right to conduct a DNA test without his wife’s knowledge, especially considering that he left her lonely for years and he was most likely not 100% faithful to her while he was away.
Soon after he shared the post, Ben got a threat from a female reader who cautioned him against bringing up the DNA test issue and warned him that he was going to destroy a lot of marriages if he continues advising men to test their kids. This led to a lot of arguments; some in support of men taking all their kids for DNA test because a lot of women are no longer faithful. There were those who were against the test and the drama has been going on since last night till now.
DNA drama
It never stopped there, as Ben’s Facebook group, Ila Otu, with more than  25,000 followers was reported to Facebook and has now been taken down.
DNA drama
Meanwhile, one of the DNA test argument that caught our attention is from a Facebook user called Mama Denzel. She wrote that if a man requests to carry out a DNA test on your kids and you know he isn’t their father, the next course of action should be to kill him.
DNA drama
Another user wrote that it is illegal to conduct a DNA paternity test on your child/children without the consent of your partner according to the Human tissue act of 2004 (UK).
DNA drama

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