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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Oh No! Nigerian Woman Beaten Up and Passport Confiscated By Her Employer in Oman

A Nigerian woman has cried out on behalf of her cousin who is being maltreated and assaulted in Oman where she works as a housemaid.
The Nigerian woman in Oman displayes her scarred body
A Nigerian woman has taken to social media to beg for help after realizing that the cousin who travelled to Oman was employed as a housemaid and is now being maltreated by the people she is working for.
The Nigerian woman wrote:
"Hello All, please help in any way that you can. My cousin is in Oman doing housemaid (we just finding out) and her mother passed away three days ago suddenly. She is trying to come home for the funeral but her boss took her to the agent's office where they beat her and sent her back to her boss house. Now her boss has her passport and will not release it.
"She paid 500k to her agent in Nigeria to help her process her visa and they are paying her about 50k/month for working all day. 
"Please help us. Anyone with similar experience? How have you gotten through it? What can we do in this instance? There is no Nigerian embassy in Oman."

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