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Monday, July 3, 2017

Double Tragedy: How Teenage Beauty Queen and Friend Live-streamed Their Own Death in Fatal Car Crash

Two young ladies including a beauty queen were involved in a fatal crash on their way home from a popular nightclub in Ukraine in a live video which was recorded with the women's cell phone and broadcast on social media.
Sofia Magerko had won a local beauty contest (Picture: East2west News)
A teenage beauty contest winner live streamed the moment her and her friend were killed in a fatal car crash, Metro UK report.
16-year-old Sofia Magerko, was with her 24-year-old friend, Dasha Medvedeva, when their BMW smashed head-on into a lamppost in Ukraine.
The winner of a local beauty contest in her home city of Izyum, and her friend had been driving at speed and drinking alcohol when the horrific accident took place.
Ms Medvedeva, who was seen driving in the video, died on the way to hospital.
Sofia Magerko (left) and Daria Medvedeva (right) (Picture: East2west News)
The upsetting footage shows the women drinking from bottles, laughing and smiling, as one says to the camera. ‘Hi boys’.
Just seconds before they crash, the women are heard saying how much they ‘enjoyed life’, but the laughter is later replaced by screaming, before the car is heard colliding with the lamppost.
The screen then goes black at the moment of impact.
The women were heard laughing before the crash
Photos show mangled wreckage of the car on the side of the road in the Kharkiv region.
Bystanders were then heard arriving at the scene and a man is heard saying: ‘F***, there is a dead body there… another one fell out of the car.’
Police in Izyum confirmed the fatalities but has not given reasons for the crash. 

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