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Monday, July 3, 2017

Greedy Nigerian Man Caught After Swallowing $90,000 Hidden Inside Condoms in France

A dubious Nigerian man has landed in trouble after he swallowed condoms with $90,000 hidden inside it.
Man in hand cuffs (File photo)
Nigerian man has been arrested in eastern France after being found with condoms stuffed with 79,000 euros ($90,000) hidden in his stomach, customs officials said Monday.
According to AFP, the yet to be identified Nigerian man was arrested Saturday in Strasbourg, had another 13,000 Swiss francs (11,900 euros, $13,500) concealed in his clothes, the officials said.
The man told customs agents that he lived in Spain and worked as a dishwasher at a restaurant in the Balearic Islands. Things went from bad to worse after a sniffer dog also detected marijuana on the banknotes hidden in his clothing.
That led to an X-ray that revealed the presence of nine condoms stuffed with bank notes in the man’s intestines.
He has been charged with laundering drug money and lying to customs authorities.

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