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Monday, July 3, 2017

Photos of Cutlass Weilding Residents Securing Their Area Over Badoo Cult Group Attacks

Residents of the Ikorodu area of Lagos State have resorted to self-help to battle the members of the bloody Badoo cult group maiming and taking lives of residents.
A make-shift vigilante group
Pictured are residents of Ojogbe (Beach road) in Ikorodu area of Lagos with their cutlasses and other weapons they could lay their hands on while watching over their neighborhood due to the incessant attacks and killings from the deadly Badoo secret cult members.
According to reports, the Badoo cult members attacked their community on Saturday night but couldn't successfully execute their task, because a dog did not allow them. The dog barked tremendously that everyone in the community rushed out with weapons and light.
Although before the notorious killers ran away, they hit the dog with their weapons and on Sunday morning, the dog was confirmed dead.
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