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Monday, July 3, 2017

Shocker: Mistress Caught Hanging on Electricity Wire Wearing Only Underwear After Lover's Wife Came Home Unexpected

A woman has been found hanging on an electricity pole after her lover's wife returned home unexpected to meet her.
The woman was found hanging on an electric pylon
Disturbing footage has shown a woman hanging by her foot from an electricity pylon after apparently leaping from a window.
According to The Sun UK, the lady, who is pictured wearing only her underwear, is believed to have mistakenly jumped when her boyfriend’s wife returned home.
The shocking clip is thought to have been filmed somewhere in China and shows a crowd of people watching and filming the bizarre scene.
A long ladder is shown being rested against the wall nearest the woman in a bid to bring her down.
The clip was posted on video sharing website LiveLeak along with the headline: “Mistress hangs upside down on utility cables.”
The sub headline then states: “Wife came home earlier than expected.”

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