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Monday, July 17, 2017

"There Is A Serious Plan To Islamise Nigeria But Anyone Disturbing This Country Will Die" - Oyedepo (Video)

The general overseer of Living faith church, Bishop David Oyedepo, has finally confirmed reports which surfaced last month that he urged students to boycott the plan to make IRK compulsory..

According to the cleric, there is an agenda to Islamise Nigeria but has vowed that their move will be thwarted. 

The cleric in a sermon at his church noted that the National Christian Elders Forum said the country is engaged in a war with jihadist but that Christians will not take this lightly. 

Oyedepo said in the video;
"God sent me to this generation as a prophet not to Nigeria. And I have very clean idea as to where Nigeria is heading..

"The National Christian Elders Forum last week in their meeting cited that Nigeria has launched a Jihad. But as we pray as a church evil will be averted. 
The Islamists are bent on Islamizing this country but this is not Nigeria of 1964. 
"I vow under God as a prophet it will not see the light of day...The attempt to scrap Christian Religious Knowledge from the syllabus of sec schools is an aberration of the constitution ..CAN has spoken, PFN,NCEF has spoken ... 
"Anyone that won’t give this country rest God will send him to silence… anyone planning towards bloodshed it will only happen to them and their family, in the name of Jesus Christ

"By Islamist I mean the Islam politics it’s not Islam as a religion. We've been living together forever… 
It’s not the Fulanis shooting those guns… no, there are people that have infiltrated them by a deliberate plan to launch a nationwide Jihad, but I tell you that's why some of us are alive today to say to the devil you've got no room in this country, enough is enough.. Thank you Jesus."
Watch video below;

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