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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Drama as Armed Robbers Force Man to Strip N*ked in Broad Daylight at Car Wash

Some armed robbers have forced a man to strip n*ked in a public place at a car wash as they robbed him of valuables.
File photo used only for illustrative purpose
Some armed robbers caused a scene when they stromed a car wash and forced a man to strip n*ked while they stole his stuff.
According to a report by WMC5, the strange incident happened at Jolly Wash on Watkins Street in Frayser, Memphis, USA.
The armed robbers stuck and attacked the hapless man on Saturday morning.
The victim told police he was looking in his trunk when three men came up.
One suspect made him strip his clothes off while the others took his cell phones, wallet, and two pairs of Nike shoes.
The three men responsible are still on the run after they left the man bare publicly.

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