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Monday, August 28, 2017

See How This Woman was Disgraced Publicly for Stealing at a Shopping Mall

A woman has been embarrassed in public by an angry mob after she was caught stealing at a shopping mall.
The woman was painted with white powder and paraded in public for stealing
A 35-year-old Zambian woman has been given the disgrace of a lifetime after she was caught stealing at a shopping mall. The unnamed woman was caught yesterday and had her body painted with white powder by Pick N' pay staff to punish her.
According to eye witnesses the said woman was caught lifting bathing soaps before being punished publicly.
Read reactions below:
Davies Nyirongo: Sad and it's wrong for investors to humiliate indigenous people and subject them to embarrassment of such a manner, why not the person to the police and latter to court to be judged through.
Mervis Chunsu: Mmmmmh awe mwebantu, but why doing that. Does it mean we are nolonger our brother's keepers? This is inhuman and really uncalled for. Soap fye?and what happens to her reputation mu society? How are the children going to cop with the teasing and name calling from their friends.we acknowledge that she was wrong but the punishment was too sensitive. Let love lead
Collins Wanjavwa Mukololo: Ok the act of shoplifting was wrong so was the painting. Certain things as shop managers let's learn to sort them out internally without humiliating someone like that.

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