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Friday, August 25, 2017

Shocker: Bus Carrying 35 People Plunges Into Black Sea...What Happened Next is Devastating

A bus carrying as many as thirty-five persons has plunged into the Black Sea, a development which has left many causalities behind.
The black sea
According to the TASS news agency, a bus carrying construction workers veered off a road and plunged into the Black Sea, leaving at least 12 people dead in southern Russia early on Friday.
“The bus was carrying 35 people… 12 of them died. Twenty were rescued. Three people are missing, the search for them is ongoing,” it said, quoting a representative of the Krasnodar region emergency ministry.
Divers are working at the scene of the accident, where the bus plunged four metres before hitting the water, a source told RIA-Novosti news agency, saying it was likely caused by a traffic violation.
The accident occurred on the Taman peninsula on the Black Sea near the Strait of Kerch that flows between Russia and the Crimean peninsula.

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