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Monday, September 25, 2017

Evil Aunty: See What Heartless Woman Did to a Little Boy in Lagos State

A heartless woman may have landed herself in serious trouble after what she did to her own young nephew.
The boy was rescued by a neighbour
If not for neighbours, a heartless woman would have beaten her nephew to death in Lagos state. Luckily, the boy was saved by neigbhours who heard him screaming for help.
He was brutally flogged over an unknown offence. His body was left with serious marks.
Ugochukwu Lucy who shared the photo asked people to come to the boy's aid. She wrote: "My people what can you say about this because I am speechless. How can a young lady praying to God for favours and open doors, beat up her nephew this way for nothing? This happened right in front of my house while I was having my siesta. What can you say about this? Please, repost so that this boy gets justice."

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