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Monday, September 25, 2017

Heartbreaking: Meet the Disabled Boy Who Has Been Locked Up Inside a Chicken Shed for Years

In what will come across as a really heartbreaking development, a young disabled boy has been found locked up inside a chicken shed for several years.
These are the really sickening pictures which show a disabled teenage boy who was locked up every day in a tiny chicken shed for years.
According to a report by The Sun UK, the lad, simply named Jonas, a 14-year-old, was found crouching in the dirt inside the animal hut in Chaiyaphum province, north east Thailand, last week.
Thai officials visited and spoke with his auntie and uncle who said they keep him locked inside the shack during the day while they work in the fields.
They said he was mentally disabled and needed to be caged for his own protection while they were working.
His parents live and work in a different area.
But child welfare officials said they will now start procedures to have the youngster taken into care after his ordeal in the rural Thep Sathit district of the region.
Chawalit Susada from the local authority said they visited with police and the village head to investigate the boy's well-being.
He said: "The child has a disability intellectually and with mobility. He has been assisted by hospital authorities in the past."
The boy has been visited by social welfare staff
He added: "He is also having ongoing care from agencies in the district but he has not been diagnosed with any condition.

"We have sent him to have a blood test and again next week.

"His relatives say they put him in the room for his own safety. In the past he had wandered away from the farm and they were afraid of the danger of it happening again.

"At night time he sleeps with them and they say they do not neglect or abuse him at all."

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