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Saturday, September 9, 2017

“I Don’t Know Who That Man Is; He Is Not My Father” — Miss Sahhara Publicly Disowns Her Father

Popular Nigerian Transgender, Miss Sahhara has disowned her father, a Nigerian chief who claimed her as his daughter.

Recall that IdomaVoice conducted an interview with the Benue State elderly man, identified as Chief Ago Ella, and he claimed the transgender beauty queen was his son before, but now he’s his daughter, He even went as far as saying he is willing to accept her bride price, from any man who was willing to marry her.
Now.. Sahhara is denying all claims by the man.In a new video shared on her Facebook page, the London-based beauty queen rejected the man, saying they have no resemblance, and added that the only father she knows is her mother– her super hero…watch below;

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