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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Nigeria’s Economy taking shape – Buhari

Nigeria's Economy taking shape - Buhari

President Muham­madu Buhari has de­clared that the econ­omy is taking shape under  his two-year administration.
He therefore gave his administration a passmark and hinged the rating on the appreciable growth of the economy during the period.

Buhari spoke in Ka­duna on Tuesday when he commissioned Olam Farm, a joint venture with the Ka­duna State government for the production food and ag­riculture inputs.
The President noted that “in spite of all odds, eco­nomic growth is taking place, especially in the ag­ricultural sector. The com­missioning of this massive facility is therefore a living testimony to our claim that growth, serious and lasting growth, is taking place in our economy.”
He said that the devel­opment was in fulfilment of the promise he made to Nigerians at the inception of his administration when he came in “to deal with the challenges in the economy which were almost appear­ing insurmountable.”
However, he stressed that “growth in any society can only last if it begins at the grassroots.”
Buhari said that by the arti­cle of faith, “it is our earnest be­lief that agriculture offers the most viable and all-encompass­ing option in our attempt to di­versify our economy as a nation.”
The President therefore charged Nigerians to strive to “grow what we need to eat before we can comfortably turn our at­tention to many of the other key concerns of our daily lives.”
He recalled that: “About six months ago, we announced to the world that we were in a re­cession, we were bold enough to admit it and honest about it, though painful it was to admit.
“When the National Bureau of Statistics presented a grim pic­ture of this state of affairs, we ac­cepted the reality and confront­ed it headlong with courage and perseverance. Now, a few months down the road, the Bu­reau of Statistic has released the cheering news that we are getting out of recession.
“Even though the statis­tics are still hazy and we have no illusion that we need to even work harder to get to that eco­nomic level that is satisfactory, we are happy to note and we be­lieve that the majority of Nige­rians are also happy that we are getting out of possibly the worse economic scenario in our coun­try’s history.
“Given this positive devel­opment and with the gradu­al recovery of our economy, we think the great signs of growth and prosperity for this country are at hand. We are also aware that the pessimists in our midst may be reluctant to admit that positive development is occur­ring in the economic space for obvious reasons. Evidently, the undeniable reality is that we are getting out of the woods”.
Earlier, Governor Nasir el-Rufai told the President that the state government had given Olam free land to build the plant, adding that “we spent over N500 million as compensation to the land owners.”
According to him, the com­missioning of the project was based on a careful investment study and interaction with the leadership of the company.
The plant will produce 1.6 million chicks weekly and cre­ate about 50,000 jobs.

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