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Monday, September 11, 2017

We Will Plunge Nigeria Into Another Recession If... - Coalition of Niger Delta Militant Groups

A coalition of ten militant groups from the Niger Delta, last night, said it was too early for Nigerians to celebrate the FG's claim that the nation had come out of recession, promising to resume attacks.
File photo: Bakassi militants
In a statement released on Sunday, the Reformed Niger Delta Avengers, RNDA, in coalition with nine other militant groups, promised to resume attacks on oil facilities that will further deepen the nation’s economic woes if urgent steps were not taken to address issues troubling the Niger Delta.
According to Vanguard, the militants, who  restated their 2-week ultimatum to the Federal Government to open talks with Pan Niger Delta People’s Congress, PNDPC, led by the former National Chairman of the Traditional Rulers of Oil Minerals Producing Communities of Nigeria, TROMPCON, His Majesty Charles Ayemi-Botu, gave conditions to sustain the ceasefire while talks are ongoing.
They also announced the lifting of the suspension placed on Chief Edwin Clark, who leads Pan Niger Delta Forum, PANDEF, “Following pleas and persuasion from well-respected traditional rulers and stakeholders of the region.

“Nigerians should not celebrate the Federal Government’s claim that the nation had come out recession because it is too early as RNDA in coalition with other militant groups is ready to resume fresh attacks on oil installations  across the region in a well-coordinated attack that will further deepen the nation’s economic woes judging from the fact that one of the indices used in measuring Nigeria’s outage from recession was crude oil,” leader of RNDA and Convener of the coalition of militants, self–styled “Major General” Johnmark  Ezonbi,  said in a statement.
The militants said: “The Federal Government should not take the two weeks ultimatum that is still counting, which we earlier issued to convey a fresh talk with PNDPC, headed by  HM Ayemi Botu for granted and should blame itself for any harm done to oil facilities in the Niger Delta at the expiration of the ultimatum.”
Ezonbi said, “RNDA in coalition with nine other militants groups, led by Major General Johnmark Ezonbi at a crucial meeting held at the creeks of Benin River expressed its readiness to carry out its threat to bring down crude oil productions to zero level, which accompanied its ultimatum to the Federal Government."

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