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Saturday, October 21, 2017

Hilarious! How a Slay Queen was Caught by Uncle After She Left School in Ibadan to See Boyfriend in Lagos

A Nigerian campus babe who is supposed to be at school in Ibadan, has landed herself in trouble when she traveled to Lagos and entered an Uber with her boyfriend to a night club.
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A Twitter user identified simply as Dinma (@didi_promcy) has taken to the social networking platform and narrated the story of he friend was caught by her uncle after she left her University in Ibadan to see her boyfriend in Lagos state.
Dinma said further that her friend left school to visit her boyfriend in Lagos but she ran into her uncle who works in the state, after she and her boyfriend ordered an Uber at night to take them to the club, and was shocked to discover that her uncle was the Uber driver.
According to Dinma, her friend and boyfriend could not change their destination and her uncle found out they were heading to the club, adding that the man reported her friend to her parents after he dropped them at their destination.
Read the story below:

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