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Saturday, October 28, 2017

Oyo Seals‎ 4 Hospitals In Ibadan For Prescribing Banned Drug

Oyo Seals‎ 4 Hospitals In Ibadan For Prescribing Banned Drug

Following Oyo State’s government resolve to sanitise the private health sector, the state’s Task force on Private Health Facilities has sealed a hospital in Apete area, over its prescription of analgin, a banned drug in Nigeria.

The task force, which got to the hospital, run by a community health extension worker at about 2pm found that the patient was being given this banned drug, alongside other four other painkillers and four antibiotics by intramuscular routes.
The male patient, a civil servant, had initially made a deposit of N10, 000 at the hospitals for treatment of what the hospital queried as enteric fever.
The task force, which initially visited the facility weeks back to ensure the facility was duly registered, sealed the hospital after referring the patient to the nearest government hospital.
The task force, which visited nine other health facilities and medical laboratory services, also closed three other hospitals for offences such as  non-registration of the premises, unhygienic hospital environment, improper disposal of medical wastes and failure to have qualified medical staff on ground.
Chairman, Oyo State Task force on Private Medical Practice, Dr Adebisi Ayoola, said no hospital was expected to give analgin, adding that what was being done at the affected hospital was more of a guess work.
“There are rules and regulations for all private health facilities; and no hospital  is expected to administer drugs through intramuscular route,’’ he said.
According to him, although nurses and community health workers were allowed to register and operate a health facility, they must not practice beyond what the law stipulated.

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