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Monday, November 27, 2017

'Nigerians are now selling their own people to rebels in Libya' - Man sold twice, raped, beaten and abused reveals after returning home

@Virus_pluto narrated this sad and shocking experience of a victim who just returned home after being sold into slavery by his fellow countrymen in Libya. According to him;

"A nigga made it back home from Libya. He's been there since July 2016. This nigga looks like a walking skeleton. He was sold twice, raped, beaten, abused and all. Funny thing is, he was sold to the Libyan rebels by the Nigerian who promised him Europe

Nigerians are now selling their own people for money....better to be suffering in Nigeria than to be a slave in Libya. 46 left, 32 made it to Libya, all the girls were sold or given out same day, only 3 out of 29 guys made it back home... It's now business...girls are sold on a high

Pls if you can't go to Europe through the normal way....don't try to go through Libya...it's not by force...99.9 % of African girls are sex slaves there. Suffer your suffer in your country. God will answer you one day."

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