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Monday, November 13, 2017


I am not that much of a politician but by virtue of the privilege of being close to my brother I have learnt one or two things about politics and in the travail of my brother in politics I happened to be with Gov Fayose at his darkest hour to his brightest moments. Now at least I can say I’m among the people that can say a few things and why I strongly believe not only will he  be the next president, He will be a very good president.

The Bible says " Do not be afraid of them, The Lord your God Himself will fight for you..."
The first time my brother broached the topic of wanting to be gov of Ekiti  my first reaction was how can he? ‘Nobody knows you ‘ He had always taught me business so I did not even think he could stand the rigors of politics!

But I also knew anywhere he was, a crowd followed him and this I also got from him. He has always been a people friendly person that much I knew! I told him straight ‘ you do not have a godfather and the sitting gov is the son of a governor you know. Some Ekiti people will laugh when you say you want to be gov!

He replied ‘ Isaac my brother I will be the next gov of that state I believe with the grace of God on my life the calling is real. But man proposes God disposes. I have done well in business and if I fail then I have my business to go back to Abi?

So with serious doubt in my mind  I headed for London while my brother headed for Ekiti  This was in 1999 /2000 this was in Ikeja Lagos .
While in london , I gradually started hearing reports from home that one Ayo Fayose was causing waves in Ekiti . Ahaha could  this  be  my brother ? Yes it was !! By the time two years had reached, precisely 2002, the information reaching me had become overwhelming as the Ekiti elections drew close.

I decided it was time to come back and support my brother! So I sold my club in England for a handsome profit and headed home!

By the time I entered Ekiti I was amazed what I found on ground. The echos of Ayo Fayose was everywhere! It was unbelievable !!

I never knew this will be the beginning of many intense battles!

In 2003 Ayo Fayose was sworn in as the second executive gov of Ekiti state. All of a sudden I had now become governors brother no longer simply Isaac.This is Nigeria !

As quickly as you can become a govs brother so can you become a ‘fugitives brother! By the time president Obasanjo brought his battle to Ekiti land it was obvious we had to leave to fight another day. The downside to power had began ! All of a sudden my brother was on the run! And I was also never far behind!

Even while on the run and into exile he kept telling me ‘Isaac we are coming back’.  Again I doubted it my primary concern was his safety. Unknown to me the enemy action against him was just a pause to be continued when play is pressed. Indeed God is awesome!
Now the play was pressed. Again other battles started. First they said he could not win.He won again.

Then they said he would not be sworn in. He was sworn in
Then they said the assembly will impeach him.  It did not happen! Then they said Ekiti gate will sink him. He did not sink! He survived and began to advance the cause of Ekiti and began to put himself and Ekiti on the political map.

Now his love affair with the people had matured He had now become a gatherer of the people!
There is a new prophesy on the horizon.
It says Gov Fayose is poised to move up to the next level. The storm is gathering fast right in front of my eye! Fayose for president! For the first time I’m doubting if I should doubt I have doubted in the past and I’ve seen things unfold. This time I have more belief. My brother has matured so much he doubles up as a leader !  Like many others I follow! I see the love for the ordinary man in his eyes! It’s what I now call the three P's.  The people the party and the person!

I see the people are willing, the person is willing... and by his special grace the party will become willing!

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