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Monday, December 11, 2017

4-yr-old Nigerian boy dead after cousin kidnapped him for a N5million ransom


A 4-year-old son of one Alhaji Jaji was reportedly found dead, after his cousin reportedly kidnapped him and demanded a N5million ransom.

Facebook user, Anyi Tex Lotechi, who shared the story wrote;

“Wat a world
It happened here in my area,
A 4 year old child of Alhaji Jaji was kidnapped and was taken to an uncompleted building wit his Legs tied wit rope and block
Requesting 5m from Alhaji BT unfortunately for him,he was caught and wen being tortured
He revealed how it happened and where he kept de little boy
And wen d police visited d scene,they found out DAT de boy is dead

Pix below”


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