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Thursday, December 28, 2017

'Biggest Masquarede' in Anambra Appears as Last Ofala Festival is Celebrated in Honour of Late Igwe Godfrey

The biggest masquarede in Anambra state was unveiled today in celebration of Ofala festival as the late Igwe is buried.
Ijele masquerade (Photo credit: Sumner Shagari Sambo)
Ijele Masquerade dubbed the 'biggest masquerade' in Anambra state came out at the last Ofala festival to celebrate Late Igwe Godfrey Nwabufo Ezeude, Ezeanyanwugbujiliku and Ozodingba 1 of Uke, Idemili North, Anambra state.
It was a spectacular show as people cheered in awe as the masquerade displayed. 
TVC political correspondent, Sumner Shagari Sambo who shared the photos on social media, said the masquerade is only rolled out for traditional rulers on rare occasions. Other masquerades are expected to retreat once Ijele comes out.
The late traditional ruler is a brother of Mr. Obi Ezeude, Chairman/CEO, Beloxxi Industries Limited.

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