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Friday, December 29, 2017

Nigerians on social media call out Wole Soyinka for not criticizing President Buhari's administration

Nigerians on social media call out Wole Soyinka for not criticizing President Buhari

At the moment, Professor Wole Soyinka is a trending topic on Nigerian twitter with several people accusing him of keeping quiet on the state of the nation and not criticising the President Buhari led government.

See all the top tweets below...

People criticise Mandela. People criticize Martin Luther King Jnr. People criticize Malcolm X. People criticize Obama.

To this day people criticize Jesus.

But Seun says we cannot call Wole Soyinka a hypocrite.

"We must deliberately deny them that oxygen".

You're tripping bro. https://twitter.com/seunonigbinde/status/946403077740953600 
Prof Wole Soyinka gave regular press conferences about 'state of the Nation' in GEJ's era. Today, he's almost completely Mute. His admirers claim he's now too old for all that (not that he has health challenges). One would think GEJ's era was like 20yrs ago.
I see people debating why Wole Soyinka is not criticizing Buhari.

Wole Soyinka o.

83 years old.

So, we have no problem abdicating the responsibility for monitoring our future to people that are not likely to be in it?

What senselessness!!!
Wonders shall never end. So Wole Soyinka is suddenly "old" now? He wasn't old when he was releasing shameful press releases calling niger-delta women "mermaids,manatees,even mammy watas and hippopotami"??
You can criticize Wole Soyinka if you want but please stop assuming he will speak against every govt until he dies and he has actually criticized this Govt severally.

If he won't or can't, then do it yourself, your mouth is not padlocked shut.
Wole Soyinka had all the strength in the world to attack EVERY political party that has ruled Nigeria except the one that his child serves under and whose leaders he romanticizes. All of you are mad
Even Wole Soyinka downed his principles and insulted another man's wife. Called her a mere Domestic Appendage (very sexist comment), A shepopotamus. All the heat of partisan politicking

See the man had his flaws too. Don't come and be defending him. Let him answer for himself
Very dishonest thread.
Is Wole Soyinka a god that he cant be criticised?? Even Ghandi gets the stick. It seemz you are closet hero-worshipper.
Wole Soyinka is a partisan closet politician like most of you on this platform. He is NOT beyond reproach. https://twitter.com/seunonigbinde/status/946403077740953600 
Wọlé Ṣọ́yínká's "silence" requires a level of analysis not attainable to people who only want to score cheap political goals.
If he changed his mind in 2015.... May Ogun Strike his changed mind..

The likes of Gani Fawehenmi are more important than Wole Soyinka because they'll never set their standards Low

We're calling him out because of his hypocrisy and he's raised minions like himself everywhere
Prof. Wole Soyinka isn't obligated to criticize any Govt, but saying the same man who was holding press conferences to criticise the Goodluck Jonathan administration at the age of 76 to 81 from 2010 - 2015, is suddenly "too old to comment" on Politics at age 84 is stupidity.
Suddenly, Wole Soyinka is too old, weak, above reproach & a 'god' whose name can't be mentioned by mere mortals like me. Suddenly o
If Wole Soyinka is too old to criticise this government, what of Bakare and Falana?
You people are sounding like we are just sitting down and waiting for Wole Soyinka, Femi Falana and Fr. Mbaka to criticize government first.

I'm trying to remember what @KingDouyeAlfred called this your pattern of deflecting the point of an argument.
Many of us feel the need to protect Wole Soyinka from the silly criticism he gets these days for not going after the Buhari regime.

But, I'm pretty sure he doesn't need our help.

Only a stupid and senseless person will try to throw mud at Prof Wole Soyinka. This man has been speaking up for over 60 years. At 83, he deserves to rest. People younger than him are dropping dead anyhow. Is he the only Nigerian?

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