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Monday, December 4, 2017

'Please say no to Atiku Abubakar, we don't need another savior in Aso Rock' openly gay Nigerian man, Kenny Badmus, advises Nigerians

Read his argument below

Please say NO to Atiku. We don’t need another savior. The biggest problem facing Naija is not unemployment, it’s lack of working systems. A working system, for example, is a state where you don’t need to shout ‘up NEPA!’ We need a visionary team (not a party) who will prioritize the creation of working systems. As far as I know, there’s only one political party in Nigeria and all those arguments for and against APC or PDP don’t do anything for us. These are the same people. We need to look beyond presidential candidates and spotlight our lawmakers whose only credentials are their dance videos on social media. SMH. Next election should be about that search for leaders who want to build from ground up. Show me the team of systems builders. Nothing grandeur. Just the basics.
A working system, for instance, is what keeps the rail transit system in the USA running since 1835. The UK came up with Electricity Act in 1926 to promote a national transmission system. These systems have gone through several iterations, but they still work. There have been tons of leaderships with differing political beliefs/parties in these countries since then. These leaders come and go, but the systems still work for the people.
You may want to know, a case in point, that despite our growing population of celebrated scholars abroad, as of 2014, Nigeria possesses the largest population of out-of-school youth in the world.[Abdullahi, Danjuma; Abdullah, John (June 2014).] Don’t forget we created a 6-3-3-4 educational system back in the 80’s. Does it work? I doubt we ever revisited the idea to make it better.
We don’t need another savior at Aso Rock. Ask Baba Buhari. All we need is a proven visionary team who are systems builders. When we hear them speak to us, we shall know.

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