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Monday, December 11, 2017

To the Southwest: Why Secondus is the appropriate chairman at this point in time...Isaac Fayose

1 There is a power shift from the old brigade to a new younger and more vibrant generation! Board of trustees is more appropriate for the elderly!

2 How can the position of chairman be more beneficial to that of the presidency or vice presidency.

3 The south south had asked for the position and in fairness majority of the real-time support base of the PDP comes From the east and south south The east did not present any candidate They are not complaining they are been strategic!.....

4 Between the candidate finally presented by the south west and the one presented by the south south the age disparity did not favour the south west Secondus is more vibrant and much younger in tune with current politics!

5 Finally is zoning or micro zoning the way to go?

Should we now not liberalize in matters of choice?
Should it not now be a case of “who the cap fits’ ?

Isaac Fayose

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