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Friday, January 19, 2018

Brazil legend Pele rushed to hospital after collapsing with 'severe exhaustion'

Brazil legend Pele rushed to hospital after collapsing with

Brazilian football legend, Pele, 77,  has been rushed to hospital after he collapsed with 'severe exhaustion', forcing the former Santos star to cancel a long-planned trip to London this weekend.

The Football Writers Association (FWA) was due to host a dinner in his honour at the Savoy hotel on Sunday but said the 77-year-old would not be able to make it to London.
'In the early hours of Thursday morning, Pele collapsed and was taken to hospital in Brazil where he has undergone a series of tests which appear to point to severe exhaustion,' the FWA said in a statement.
'He remains on fluids while doctors monitor his recovery. Thankfully, there is no suggestion of anything more serious than exhaustion.'
His last big international appearance was in Moscow in December for the 2018 World cup draw. He appeared in a wheelchair.
Pele who's widely regarded as the greatest football player of all time won three World Cups with Brazil.

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