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Thursday, January 11, 2018

Four 'dog' thieves arrested after selling the animals to DPO of the Police station their theft case was reported to

Photos: Four

This reportedly took place in Edo state! According to the dog seller, 'DogCabal' on IG, these young men acted like they wanted to buy the dogs, one of them convinced him to deliver for verification before payment and then attacked the delivery person - robbing him of the dogs and more. Read what he wrote below.

Photos: Four
Photos: Four
"One of the guys in this video, requested for 2 dogs from Edo State on Monday. Sent a friend to help me deliver on Tuesday, since the deal was to make full payment on delivery. 
"He arrived there around 9pm on Tuesday Night. The guys in the video attacked him, collected the dogs, took his phone and all the money he had. 
"My friend managed to find his way to the nearest police station there to report the situation.  The boys were so quick to sell the dogs, unfortunately for them, they were selling to the DPO of the police station my friend reported the case to."

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