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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

I show off my bum to thank God — Pretty Singer says

I show off my bum to thank God — Pretty Singer says lailasnews2

UK based Bostwana singer Lorraine Lionheart says she didn’t know her bum is big until he fans told her.

Beautiful female artiste, Lorraine Lionheart, who is from Botswana but based in the UK, has made a very controversial statement about her bum. She says she shows off her bum in thanks to God.

The sultry singer who was in Nigeria late last year and released a song titled ‘Keke Napep’, says the commercial tricycle will make a good romantic gateway. She also gave the reason why she loves to flaunt her sexy hips and bum anytime she has the opportunity to do so.

In an Instagram post she made on her timeline, showing off her backside, she says,

“I think if I didn’t flaunt it, the Lord would be very upset with me. And I am not an ungrateful child,”

In another post, flaunting another yet captivating picture, the singer said she never really knew her bum was so big until hen her followers began flooding her photos and bombarding her DMs with messages, complementing her about the size of her backside.

I show off my bum to thank God — Pretty Singer says lailasnews3

“I like people who DM and say, “you have a big ass”. If I had time for pointless conversations I would probably reply with, “Oh, really? Well, I had no idea. Never noticed but thanks for pointing that out,” she says.

I show off my bum to thank God — Pretty Singer says lailasnews4
In an interview she granted around the time she was in Nigeria,  Lorraine Lionheart talked about herself and inhibitions.

The curvy singer said she’s unapologetically authentic and doesn’t offer excuses for her actions.

“I’m always genuinely me. I do not conform to any preconceived ideas and standards of how things should be. I remain truthful to myself and loyal to my authenticity. People can either like it or not. It’s not arrogance either. I just feel it would be such a loss if I had to try and be someone else.”

Lorraine Lionheart plans to tour Nigeria very soon.

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