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Monday, January 8, 2018

Native Doctor Exposes Alleged 'Pastor' Begging Him to Make Him Rich

A traditional medicine man has exposed messages between him and an alleged church pastor who asked him to make him rich.
The native doctor
A native doctor based in Delta state identified as Chi Marine, has taken to his Facebook page to expose messages between him and a "pastor" who asked him to make him rich.
According to the native doctor, the young man had been preaching to him consistently on Facebook to repent and change his ways only for him to secretly send the native doctor a message online, asking to be made rich.
The native doctor who made the revelation on social media, wrote;
"People should see this guy called pastor S********** asking me to make him rich after we will still post nonsense on my post on Facebook, the ancestors have arrested him today, this year shall be the of expose to all this evil man of God, I see."

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