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Sunday, January 21, 2018

See the lady that accused Alexis Sanchez of offering her £1,000 for sex

See the lady that accused Alexis Sanchez of offering her £1,000 for sex lailasnews2

A lady identified as Paulina Sobierajska says she has been with Sanchez for months and he offered her money for sex.

It all looks like Arsenal star Alexis Sanchez, not only enjoy breaking the back of the net on the field of play, he has some other hobbies that appeal to him. he has just been accused by a girl, Paulina Sobierajska, of offering her £1,000 for sex.

Alexis Sanchez has hit the headlines lately with his transfer which is expected to materialize any time soon, with Manchester United being the most probable destination.
The soccer star is alleged to have targeted a school girl and offered to pay her off fer s*x. The student, Paulina Sobierajska, is said to have opened up the lid on how Sanchez fell attracted to her and offered to pay her £1,000 for sexual encounter.
Sanchez is said to have invited Paulina Sobierajska for a party and a drink at one of the apartments in London.
A UK media outfit has this to say about the scandal rocking Alexis Sanchez at the moment, which if taken up, might affect his career as a footballer in the United Kingdom.:
 “A student claims Alexis Sanchez offered her £1,000 for sex. Before leaving Mayfair’s Novikov Bar Sanchez gave Paulina £1,000 in £20 notes. He also messaged the address of his Kensington flat and said a friend would let her in.  Paulina said yesterday: “He said he really, really liked me and asked me to go to a party and couple of drinks at his flat. It was quite weird but I said sure I will go.”
According to the allegations, the duo met four times within five months, with their last meeting being on the Christmas Eve.
Sanchez is said to have his on girlfriend, who is a Chilean lady in the name of Mayte Rodriguez and if the claims are true by any means, it could turn out to be a blow to his relationship with the Chilean.
Soccer players are no strangers to sex scandals. Few years ago, French players in Karim Benzema and Franck Ribbery were also drawn in a controversial sex scandal story that forced them out of playing international games. Mario Balotelli, Cristiano Ronaldo among many others have also been victims of similar stories.
Sanchez is expected to complete his transfer from Arsenal to Manchester United before the end of the week after taking a lengthy process on negotiations.
Hopefully the sex allegation will not be taken serious.

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