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Monday, January 15, 2018

Singer Adekunle Gold bags an endorsement deal with Unity Bank

Singer Adekunle Gold has signed an endorsement deal with Unity Bank.

The singer announced the news on his Instagram, sharing a photo of himself signing the endorsement contract. He wrote:

UNITY means the state of being joined together as a whole.
@unitybankplc and I are ONE! #MyNewFamily #Evergreen
See His Post Below:

In another news, Adekunle Gold in an interview with The Sun, has opened up on his family, career and more.
Speaking on leaving his 9-5 job for music, the SADE crooner said;
The greatest decision I have ever taken was quitting my job in 2014. I was working with a social media brand activation company and I was the Brand Manager. I was earning very good money. Earning that kind of money today one would be very big. I wasn’t getting shows then but I knew that my music was suffering and I wanted to do something about it. So, one day, I just woke up and resigned.
On How His Family Reacted To Him Quitting His Day Job
They thought I was crazy. Everybody thought I was crazy because I didn’t have any back-up plan.
On Being Scared Of Failing
Then, I was very fearless. Who wakes up in the morning, from earning good pay and just decides to quit? There was no backup plan and it was not like I had saved money somewhere. I just felt I was helping someone else build their dreams, and mine was lacking. I wanted to do my thing and so I quit to the shock of everyone around me.”
Growing Up
Growing up was fun, it was interesting and challenging at the same time. My aunt, who used to live with us, would take us outside to sing and also teach us how to sing certain harmonies, alto and all that. That was when I discovered that I had a knack for singing. And then I joined the church choir. I was always trying to be the lead singer but it never happened all through my years in that church.
My parents are Muslims so I grew up in an Islamic home. But my dad allowed us to go to church because he thinks religion is education as well, so it was okay to learn from any religion. But when we grew a little older, he stopped us so we started learning the Quran.

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