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Sunday, January 21, 2018

Slay queen’s death blamed on ‘Yahoo’ boys in Osun

Slay queen's death blamed on 'Yahoo' boys in Osun lailasnews

Abosede died after being sick for a week

The death of a Nigerian Slay Queen identified as Abosede, has been blamed on fraudsters popularly known as ‘Yahoo’ boys in Osun State.

Facebook user, Anthonie Vicktor Silvanus Xvi, who shared the story on his Facebook page wrote;

Ppu rise nd ppu fall
She’s gone
I tried my best
Buh dey hate me for d truth
Ilesa Gee una welldone
Dis wee be a lesson to all ladies..
R. I. P
However follower who doubted the story wrote;
Wait den write am for her head say dem use her?or she said so bfr she died?
Is this d last respect u are giving her Anthonie Vicktor Silvanus Xvi u tried ur best buh dey hate u for d truth and d last respect u could give her is use her pics to praise urself……I guess u are happy now first tym u are having close to 100 shares,500 likes and comment ……if she’s ur relative u will b happy ryt?
Anthonie Vicktor Silvanus Xvi who replied the comment wrote;
Well u see… 100 likes 500 shares…. Dats nt d point.. She used to he a good frnd to me… Nd shes nt d only one… So i posted it on facebook to let others know daht dey have to be careful… Nt to have 100 likes shey i wan use am buy range rover ni??… Facebook is nt where i paid her my last respect.. I did dat at her grave okay??
Slay queen's death blamed on 'Yahoo' boys in Osun lailasnews 3

Recall that few weeks ago the death of a Nigerian Slay Queen identified as Tanwa a.k.a Princess Lavish which left her friends in shock, was also linked to rituals by yahoo boys.
According to Facebook user Iam KayKay, Princess Lavish who lived a lavish lifestyle, sharing of exotic places/events she turned up for and expensive phones she used, reportedly allowed herself to be used by those who killed her for rituals.
Iam KayKay who was dragged by followers after his post, defended himself claiming the post was made to warn other girls. His post read;
You allowed them to use you too bad. Girls of now a days want to use iphone8 and your father doesn’t have have Nokia torchlight. Today LEKKI tomorrow IKEJA….they claim slay queens. She named herself PRINCESS LAVISH and now she has lavished her life so painful. I’m sorry if I have hurt anyone’s feelings, i’m just trying to pass a message to other girls to be very careful….. I get frightened and upset when I see young people dying. #Waitforyourshine #Thegrassisntgreenerontheotherside #NobeeverythingweydeyshinebeGOLD #Shakaragosoonend 

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