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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

The arrest of former SGF, Babachir Lawal by EFCC is a result of Obasanjo's letter - Nigerians react on social media

The arrest of?former SGF, Babachir Lawal by EFCC is a result of Obasanjo

Moments ago, news got out that former SGF, Babachir Lawal has been finally arrested by the EFCC. Many believe the long awaited arrest is a direct result of the letter written to President Buhari by Olusegun Obasanjo yesterday.

See all the reactions below...

All of a sudden they announce that the committee on restructuring will submit its report tomorrow. All of a sudden Babachir Lawal is detained. Maybe other former Presidents should also write letters. Then may be all of a sudden we will deal with herdsmen killings and other issues
LMAO! Babachir lawal arrested 100yrs after he was reluctantly eased out as SGF. EFCC will release him tomorrow and that would be the end of the case just like others before him.
The EFCC has detained Babachir Lawal, immediate past Secretary to the Government of the Federation. This is so knee jerk predictable! I predicted yesterday that going by their antecedents, the Buhari admin will take a dramatic decision to try to distract from Obasanjo’s letter.
Babachir Lawal arrested ko? This APC sef, dem think say dem get sense... Always coming with a distraction not knowing that our eyes are still on the ball.

... Make una receive brain jor
EFCC arrest Babachir Lawal, former SGF. This is a plot to distract Nigerians from the Obasanjo letter.
Finally. Babachir Lawal now under EFCC custody. That OBJ letter be doing wonders 😂
Even if he detain babachir Lawal,it cant change the narrative..its too late.
When you see APC cashtivists and pro Buhari minions tweeting "Breaking News: EFCC arrests Babachir Lawal" just know that they have cooked up something evil at the BMC coven to distract and sway public opinion to redeem Buhari's declining popularity.
Plans To Sway And Distract Unsuspecting Nigerians Are Already Afoot

One Of Such Is Babachir Lawal Purported EFCC Arrest
Babachir Lawal has been detained by @officialEFCC.
Nigerians are you thinking what I'm thinking? 😊😒
Babachir Lawal medcine after death always being used to divert our ATTENTION. Sacked the next day when Mainagate broke out! Now arrested next day Obasanjo released his Letter. He remains the cabal he once claimed to be obviously they should spare us the THEATRICS !
Buhari thinks we are fools. Arresting Babachir Lawal months after sacking him? What have they been doing all this while?
For the purpose of 2019 re election bid and to try to clean up it already battered image, Buhari orders the arrest and detention of Babachir Lawal by the EFCC.
Which mugu one fall for this one?
Babachir Lawal Suddenly Invited And Begged To Be Detained Because Of Obasanjo Letter

Make Una Dey Act Movie

Why did it take one year to arrest Babachir Lawal? Is it because former President Obasanjo spoke up yesterday? It’s too late to deceive Nigerians.

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