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Sunday, February 18, 2018

41 APC Senators Sign 2019 Deal With PDP, Abandon President Muhammadu Buhari Ahead Of 2019

WAR OF POWER!!! 41 APC Senators Sign 2019 Deal With PDP, Abandon President Muhammadu Buhari Ahead Of 2019

Camps in both the Senate and House of Representatives are strategizing ahead of President Muhammad Buhari’s decision on the amendment made to the 2010 Electoral Act.

Sources at the National Assembly said that barring any last minute change, the clean copy of the amendment would be transmitted to Buhari, on Monday, for assent.
Buhari has up to 30 days to either withhold or assent to the draft Law, in line with section 58 (4) of the 1999 Constitution.
The counting starts from the day, the clean copy of the amendment is forwarded to the President.
The passage of the amendment on Wednesday at both chambers of the National Assembly has polarised the Lawmakers into two camps.
It was gathered that the Leadership of both chambers of the National Assembly are in support of the amendment.
At the Senate, Senator Abdullahi Adamu, a former Governor of Nasarawa State leads the camp that is opposed to the amendment.
The claim by the Adamu-led camp of having 59 Senators on their side ignited the quest for intensive supporters’ recruitment.
Sources at the two camps said they have commenced intensive recruitment drive in case Buhari withholds assent to the amendment.
To override the President, the 2/3rd majority of both chambers of the National Assembly is required. Section 58(5) of the 1999 Constitution reads: “Where the President withholds his assent and the bill is again passed by each House by a two-thirds majority, the bill shall become Law and the assent of the President shall not be required.”
A Senator from the North-West said the reordered election sequence was the handiwork of the PDP Lawmakers supported by their moles in the APC.
“You know, by the time the National Assembly election is conducted and APC loses many seats, it would affect the Governorship, State Assembly and the Presidential election. You know how Nigerians think. That’s the plot.
“This is why we have commenced our underground moves to ensure that more of our colleagues join this crusade. We are 59 in our camp and by next week the list will be ready. The list is being taken to those who were not around on Wednesday. They have to write their names and sign themselves,” he said.
It was gathered that APC has 60 Senators, PDP 48 and APGA 1. And at the moment, all those who are against the passage of the bill are APC members.
A supporter of the amendment who doesn’t want to be named faulted the claim of the Adamu – led camp, saying only 19 Senators are against it.
The APC Senator said 90 Senators are in support of the amendment and that more people are being recruited.
“We, in APC, are 41, all the PDP and Victor Umeh, the only APGA Senator are in support of the amendment. So, how did they get the 59? They are just doing propaganda and it won’t work,” he said.
Puncturing the claim that the amendment was targeted at Buhari, he said only a Leader who has disappointed his supporters would be afraid of election sequence.
“We are all out for this, whether they like it or not, this has come to stay. We are going to recruit more persons from the Senator Abdullahi Adamu’s camp.
“What we are doing is in the best interest of the country. If the new sequence is assented to, it would enable Nigerians to elect their leaders based on merit and not through bandwagon,  he said.

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