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Thursday, February 8, 2018

Collapsing Wall Crushes University Student To Death While Trying To Enter Club

A collapsing wall has crushed a university student to death in a tragic manner while she was trying to get into a nightclub.
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A young lady reportedly has died after allegedly being "crushed by a fence" when revellers started pushing forward in a nightclub queue.
According to a report by The Sun UK, the 20-year-old Durham University student, who has not yet been named, was killed last night outside Missoula in Durham city centre.
Eyewitnesses on a student night out said they saw her get "trapped under a fence" just before midnight.
One told The Tab: "We were in the queue round the back of Missoula – the queue for queue jump – waiting to go in and a large group of boys come to get in the queue and for some reason decide they are going to go in faster if we push.

"The barrier toppled over along with all the people and I along with others got pushed over.

"I look round and there's this girl on the floor with blood pouring out of her head, I run over to try and help other people look after her and there is blood literally everywhere."
One told the Northern Echo: “People were barging to get in. The queue had gone around the fence and as they pushed to get in it caused the fence to fall over.

“The girl was trapped under the fence and crushed. There was a fair bit of panic."
Onlookers claimed a security man was seen ripping off his shirt to use as a cloth to stop the bleeding from the woman's head.
He tried to give her CPR when she lost consciousness before paramedics arrived, it was alleged.
Durham's Pro-Vice-Chancellor Owen Adams reportedly sent an email to students saying: "I am very saddened to let you know that Durham Police are investigating the death of a Durham University student in Durham City last night.

"Our thoughts are with the student’s family and friends at this very difficult time.

"You will appreciate that I am unable to share further details given the ongoing Police investigation.
"We understand that some of our students may need to seek support and we advise that they contact their College Student Support Office in the first instance.

"I will share further updates as soon as I am able."
A spokesperson for Durham Police today said they have launched an investigation.
They added: "The 20-year-old Durham University student died in the vicinity of Missoula night club in Durham following an incident at about 11:55pm last night.

"The circumstances surrounding her death are unclear at this time."

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