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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Exclusive Interview : Meet Temilola Omoobajesu

In an exclusive interview with makarellablog Nigeria, Temilola Omoobajesu opens up about her modelling journey, her dreams and dishes about what’s next for her. Let’s get right into it.

It’s wonderful to be able to chat with you and give our readers and of course your fans, a chance to get to know who Temilola Omoobajesu is .

* Tell us a bit about yourself.

My name Is Temilola Omoobajesu, a graduate of university of Benin, I am a model, makeup artist and a nail tech.

* How and when were you discovered?

I was discovered by olorisupergirl 2015 after I came out of hiding with the help of my sister nkem obiora , she showed me pictures of Winnie Harlow and that inspired me.

* Going by your portfolio, You are not afraid to take daring photos considering our conservative society. What inspired this boldness?

I have always been in hiding for 14years of my life, I was bullied, talked about, I was told I couldn't do anything because I have vitiligo.

* What are the greatest challenges you currently face as a model?

The only challenge I face is having vitiligo , most people don't really know what vitiligo is.

* Did your people supported u to be a model  ?

My Dad isn't in support, but the rest of the family are in support.

* What do you do when you’re not busy modelling?

Busy with trying to set up a small business space where people can come to for makeover and nails.

* What’s your dream modeling job?

 Working with top international designers.

* Who is your favourite African designer?

@mayjacobs aka ASOKIAPPAREL  and @fabriquebyfabz 

* Speaking of food, what is your favourite African food?

Okro and eba

* How do you define a brilliant model?

Someone who is good at their jobs and is very skillful.

* What about a brilliant woman?

Brilliant woman...extremely clever or skillful.

* Your advice to young models?

My advice to young models is dont ever look down on yourself,understand that everything is possible if you set your mind to it.

It’s been really nice chatting with you and getting to know the girl behind the shoots. We at Makarellablog Nigeria wish you continued success in all you do. Go on and conquer the world!

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