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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Fans Go Wild As Singer Niniola Does 'Touch Your Toe' While Performing On Stage

Nigerian singer, Niniola, has excited her fans while performing on stage as she suddenly does "touch your toe" in the process.
Niniola doing the 'touch your toe' moves
Nigerian singer, Niniola has always been electrifying on stage and her many fans love to just go out and watch her perform.
The singer whose "Maradona" single, proved to be a smash hit all over Africa, recently performed on stage at the Joor3 concert in Lagos and got her many fans going wild.
At one point while performing, she stopped to do the "touch your toe" body movement and got party-goers screaming out in excitement.
Below are more pictures showing the singer on stage at the concert.

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