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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Nigerian Sues NBA For Rejecting His Painting & Presenting It To Buhari As A Birthday Gift

A Nigerian, Oladelemi Philip has sued the Nigerian Bar Association for presenting his painting which they 'rejected' to President Buhari as a birthday gift. This is the gist... Oladele attended the NBA conference and wanted to personally present his painting to the President but was stopped and told the President won't receive such. He was later advised to put the painting at the NBA building. And alas, shortly after then, it was the President's birthday and NBA PRESENTED the painting to the president as a GIFT! A GIFT PEOPLE, LOL.

You know what Oladelemi is now saying, he's kuku not asking for money, he just says RETURN MY PAINTING! And he's not just saying that because words of mouth won't bring it back, he has SUED!

Anyone else wants to give Dele a kiss? Hehehe... My people it's good to always know your right! Best of luck Dele!

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