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Saturday, February 3, 2018

Nigerians, this is Rashidi Yekini. The greatest football Striker the Nigerian senior football team has ever had.

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He worked so hard to put Nigerian football on the map. He never rejected National call ups, he never discriminated against any National team player. He played every match he was invited for, and with any group of players.

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Yekini single handedly qualified us for our first world cup. He brought joy to the hearts of many Nigerians and succour to us during many trying moments.
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Yekini scored our first world cup goal, he won a Nations cup for us. Before then he won 3 Nations cup silver and one bronze for us. Oh, the Yekingly, the goalsfather who won highest goal scorer in the Nigerian league 3 times, in Ivory Coast, in Portugal. He scored goals for Nigeria at the Nations Cup in 84, 88, scored highest goals in 90,92 and 94. What a player,what a man.
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Yekini died frustrated in 2012 after giving the better part of his life to this Country. He was forgotten and despised.
Even though the NFF and his former teammates don't remember this great Nigerian anymore, how about us ordinary Nigerians? Have we forgotten the gangly Yekini so soon??? Have we forgotten the joy he brought to us? His fights for us? His humility and long suffering?
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Ladies and Gentlemen, let's celebrate Rashidi Yekini!!! Celebrate him, celebrate him, celebrate him!!!!
Rest in peace Brother.

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