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Thursday, February 8, 2018

See What Happened To Yahoo Boy Caught Stealing Human Urine In Broad Daylight

A suspected internet fraudster who attempted to steal the urine of an undisclosed person for fetish reasons was caught, beaten and humiliated in public by an angry mob.
The suspected Yahoo Boy
According to a report shared by an online user, the young man here was caught yesterday in the course of trying to clean the urine of an innocent person with a handkerchief for diabolic purposes.
The incident took place in Delta State, South-south part of Nigeria with a suspicious ring linked to rituals found on the lanky man. According to reports gathered, an angry mob administered regular beatings to him before the police intervened and whisked him away for prosecution.
In recent times, internet fraudsters have gone fetish to secure the full cooperation of their foreign victims towards their own enrichment.

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