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Monday, February 26, 2018

Shocking! 14-year-old Female Student Caught Peddling Marijuana In School

Some gallant security operatives have apprehended a teenage female student for attempting to sell Indian Hemp to her fellow students in school.
The weed (left) and the arrested student (right)
A 14-year-old female student has been reportedly arrested for selling marijuana in school.
The Grade 9 student at a high school in the Verulam area of South Africa, was arrested by officials of Reaction Unit after being caught with 24 wraps of marijuana on Friday morning, February 23.
It was gathered that the officers received information that the suspect was in possession of narcotics with the intention of selling them to other pupils during their lunch break.
According to reports, the suspect reportedly confessed that the marijuana had been given to her by her 17-year-old sister who is a grade 11 student at the same school.
She also added that due to her sister’s absence from school on the day of her arrest, she was asked to hand it over to another student who was meant to approach her during the lunch break and assist her in selling the drugs to other students at R5.00 each.
The course of action taken by the officers remains on clear but the fact is that there has been a significant rise in drug usage amongst African youths and teenagers in the last two years.

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