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Sunday, February 11, 2018

This photo of President Obama joining the 'Beard Gang' is breaking the internet

This photo of President Obama joining the

A few hours ago, TheShadeRoom did a creative post by photoshoping beards on some famous men that are known to have a clean shave and this photo of President Obama became an instant hit!

Not long after, the hashtag #ObamaBeard became a trending topic on social media and yes, the image is photoshoped, Obama still maintains his clean shave.
This photo of President Obama joining the
See all the social media reactiosn below...
Is this photo of Obama with this beard real? I need to know before I get excited.
Obama got a beard. Captain America got a beard. I got a beard. I think it's obvious that good, honest men have already prepared the throne.
Bro why is Barack Obama out here looking like a whole snack with the beard I was not prepared brother pic.twitter.com/2DfOC5ABHj
Nobody sent me the picture of Obama with a beard. I’m so disappointed in all of you.
the photo of obama with a beard isnt real, its photoshop. but obama should grow a beard.

@BarackObama Dear President Obama. I saw a photoshop of you with a beard over on The Facebooks and was sad to learn it was a photoshop and just had to ask... if you have time and Michelle likes it could you please...

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