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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Horrific Video Reveals Shocking Moment Florida Bridge Collapsed In Broad Daylight, Killing 6 People

A viral video has shown the moment a Florida bridge collapsed in broad daylight and ended up killing as many as six people.
The moment the bridge collapsed
A realy vhilling dashcam video has captured the moments a pedestrian bridge near Florida International University collapsed on top of cars and killing six people.
The video posted to YouTube shows the 950-ton bridge crashing down on oncoming traffic as dust spreads into the air.
Drivers quickly got out of their cars and headed to the crash site in search of help, video shows.
The bridge was undergoing a stress test when the crash happened, authorities said.
An engineer reported cracks to the Florida Department of Transportation two days before the incident, but his voicemails went unnoticed, CBS News reported.
It’s unknown if the cracks caused the collapse. The bridge was set to open next year.
One of the six victims, Alex Duran, was an FIU student.
Watch the video below:  

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