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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

It would be great to know what the FG had to do to get these girls back - Nigerians react to the return of #DapchiGirls

It would be great to know what the FG had to do?to get these girls back - Nigerians react to the return of #DapchiGirls

This morning, news broke that the kidnapped girls from Dapchi community in Yobe State have been returned by Boko Haram.
 The circumstances surrounding their return still remains unknown and while many Nigerians are happy about their return, many others have burning questions.

See all the reactions below...

It must have taken a lot to return the in terms of logistics. It would be great to know what Nigeria had to give/do this time to have these girls returned. We are glad they are back but let’s not miss a chance to learn how to do better.
Gist: Those who removed Military Checkpoints and allowed the to be kidnapped have released them after making MILLIONS of DOLLARS as RANSOM...
I am so happy the have been returned.

There are rumors that a ransom was paid. I don't care that they did that to get the girls back.

However, paying Boko Haram means helping their terrorism. What is the govt doing to make sure it is protecting its citizens?
girls have been returned, some dead.

Government paid Boko Haram, allowed them to drive them back to Dapchi town, drop them without any arrest.

Reports coming in suggest that the may have been returned to their parents. Our reporter has been prevented from entering town.
During Pres. Buhari’s visit to Dapchi last week, he assured the parents of that the FG will not rest until all the Chibok and Dapchi schoolgirls in the Boko Haram custody are released and reunited with their families.

Today, we are celebrating ’ return.

BHT Kidnapped Girls....Stage 1

Boko Haram Returns Kidnapped Girls... Stage 2

Buhari, I have fulfilled my Promise to rescue Abducted girls.... Stage 3

End of Movie
See the way guys are already using the girls matter to push crazy narratives. These young girls didn’t ask for this. Na wa o
Our correspondent says journalists have been prevented from entering Dapchi but wild jubilation could be heard after a security convoy was seen entering the town this morning.
So one sect kidnapped and returned them? Will this sect retaliate by returning the that BH kidnapped? Where is our government and military in all of this? https://twitter.com/stephhegarty/status/976356757990707201 
That they're still able to waltz into these towns without any fear, with all the military presence there is a greater cause of concern than my joy that the have been returned. What deal were they offered?
Happy that the have been returned, so sad that 5 of them are dead.

Ain't it just strange that BH decided to return kidnapped girls? Out of goodwill? Or government is hiding something?
Boko Haram RETURNED the abducted . Not that the girls were RESCUED. No, Boko Haram RETURNED them. Many questions.
Kudos to the FG for the successful release of , but our girls shouldn't continue to be bargaining instrument with the BH please. More precautionary motives against such occurrence need to be taken.

Thank God for our Great news to their parents, families and the country at large I hope we won't have a repeat of this ugly event

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