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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Pre-wedding Photo Of Nigerian Couple Goes Wrong... See What Happened

This is a pre-wedding photo of a couple who have been widely described as illiterates after they failed to wear customized shirts with the right inscriptions.
The couple with the wrong shirts in identical outfits
This photo was reportedly taken at the beach in Lagos State with Nigerians admiring the beautiful couple before some eagle-eyed Nigerians spotted the inscriptions on their shirts.
It appears the couple failed to read the inscriptions on the white shirts before wearing them thereby raising eyebrows. The man rocked the shirt with the writing 'His Queen' while the lady wrongly wore the one saying 'Her King' rather than the other way.
Nigerians have failed to believe the action might be deliberate as they have continued to make jokes out of it.
A social media user skilled in editing pictures has however, made a hilarious correction to the image to save the unnamed couple some stress.

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