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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Tunde Ednut Slams Wizkid, Hails Rihanna For Sharing Video Of Nigerian Kid Dancers From Ikorodu

Rihanna has been hailed for sharing a video of a Nigerian dance group from Ikorodu making them even more popular.
Nigerian musician and social media influencer, Tunde Ednut has criticized Wizkid over his failure to post a video showing a group of young talented dancers from Ikorodu with the handle, @dreamcatchersda dancing to a song by DJ Spinall Ft Wizkid titled 'nowo'.
"With 60million followers, they tagged her and she has posted them twice. Our celebrities never even reach 10million, them go pretend like say them no dey see anything wey dey go on for social media. Some won’t even like your post when you help them promote. They believe it’s their right for you to post their shit. Anyways, we can’t always stand on that table, we will come down from it one day because the table go tire for you. Na wood nau." Tunde wrote.
The Ikorodu dance group
However, the dancing group got a massive boast when superstar singer, Rihanna who has over 60 million followers shared the video on her Instagram page with Wizkid coming to her page to comment. Many people slammed him for not posting the video on his page to promote the video and the dancing group.
The video grossed more than 2 million likes. 
Ednut emphasized on the bad habit of celebrities who feel too much of themselves by their refusal to help “upcomings” artistes who are striving to make it in the industry. When a fan confronted Ednut over the post, he made it clear that Wizkid is one of those he was referring to.
Tunde Ednut

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