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Saturday, March 10, 2018

Young Lady Narrowly Escapes Being Crushed To Death After Falling Out Of A Moving Bus In Anambra

A young Nigerian lady has told the story of how she narrowly escaped being crushed to death after falling off a moving bus.
Ifeoma Oledibe
This is Ifeoma Oledibe, a young Nigerian lady, who nearly died a tragic death recently.
Ifeoma who  has every reason to be grateful to God after she was delivered from untimely death, narrated how she narrowly escaped being crushed to death after she fell out of a moving bus and was run over by another vehicle in Awka, Anambra State capital on Thursday, March 8.
Narrating her story on Facebook, she revealed that she is still shocked about the whole incident.
Below is her story as she told it:
"Till now, I still lack words to express my profound gratitude to God, for delivering me from an untimely death today. Yes, u read right, I would have been somewhere in a mortuary by now if not for his miraculous intervention. If not this merciful God, my pictures would have been flying around with RIP tag since morning. Friends glorify this God for me!

"I can’t help but shed tears as I am typing this, they are tears of joy. Joy of still being alive after death failed in bargaining for my life today. The same path so many have trod on and received RIP, but I received ”you have a big God!”
"Can someone help me and brag about this God for a while…..He’s the Covenant keeping God, Miracle working God, The help of the helpless, The Elshadai, The mighty man in battle, The Ocean divider, The Rose of Shalom, The rock of ages!!!! He’s bigger than all these names, friends praise this God for me!

One of the pictures below, is the screenshot of the status I made this morning, before I had the encounter, as if I knew what is going to happen. And indeed, he proved to me that he’s the unfailing God. Friends thank this God for me!

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