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Thursday, April 5, 2018

Fela Associated With The Wrong People In His Last Days – Daughter Says

Motunrayo Anikulapo-Kuti, one of Fela’s daughters, has lashed out at those people who condemn her for being the late Fela’s daughter. 

According to her, Fela associated with the wrong set of people while he was alive and this makes her sad anytime she thinks of that.

Motunrayo who was pretty young when the legend died, has come of age and is now online throwing shades at the people her father associated with in his last days.

The woman shared a telling post where she called out people for telling her that her father’s money is not her money. 

She went on to praise her father for the life he lived, then threw the final punch by expressing displeasure at the kind of people Fela associated with in his last days.

She shared a photo of Fela and some friends (seen above), on her Instagram page and said it brings tears to her eyes.

She then wrote:
“After all these suffering, Some useless hopeless hypocrites will tell me having my father’s money is not my money. I know you are hypocrites cause if I work and suffer my my children and they say such to me, I won’t only be heart broken I will be sad the rest of my life.

“My father said in his own words, I won’t allow my children suffer the way I did . I am a proud daughter and I appreciate everything you did FELA. Everything I will ever do today is for my children, anything I put my hands to.

“As for me I don’t need much only to live longer ?????????? The picture is from a friend @olufelakuti. This picture brought tears to my eyes, thinking about the poeple he trusted in his last days makes me angry ??”


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