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Friday, April 13, 2018

Horror: Woman Accused Of Being A Witch Stripped And Whipped In Broad Daylight

A woman who has been accused of being a witch has been given the embarrassment of a lifetime after a mob apprehended her.
The woman was paraded in public
A woman has been seriously disgraced in a community in Abia State recently.
The woman who was accused of being a witch who had allegedly killed many people in the past, was severely beaten and dragged on the streets with many people following her. Her back revealed evidence of skin peeling whips which made a home of scars on her body.
Local reports show that the woman was accused of killing community members in Amuda Isuochi, a reason why she was flogged and stripped half-unclad.
A Facebook user, Peace Sampson, who alleged that the woman killed her mother, shared a post on the social media platform.
The woman was made to walk the town bare footed as a mob made to banish her from Amuda Isuochi, where she recently killed a woman with four children.

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