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Thursday, April 12, 2018

Inside The 'Death Cafe' Where Customers Can Relax Inside Coffins And Order Weird Drinks

A cafe which has been themed after death where visitors can relax inside coffins, has been uncovered in Bangkok.
Bangkok's youth have been encouraged to lie in the coffins to think about death
Visitors to Thailand’s capital can now hang out in what could be world’s most morbid café – complete with coffins and a ‘meet-your-maker’ theme.
This Bangkok coffee shop has been dubbed the “death awareness” café, where customers are encouraged to reflect on their own mortality by taking a time out in a coffin.
Youngsters are offered a discounted drink in exchange for spending a few minutes inside the coffin
The aim is for customers to go on to lead better lives, and the whole idea is based on Buddhist principles.
The “Kid Mai Death Café” – literally meaning “Think New”, is kitted out with a skeleton, aptly named drinks like “death” and “painful”, and even decorated white coffins.
Customers visiting the macabre lunch spot are encouraged to lay down in the coffins for a few moments to think about their dying moments.
A skeleton is placed in the centre of the cafe to remind people that death is always around the corner
Those that choose to do so will land themselves a discounted beverage.
One customer said the whole atmosphere felt like she was at a funeral – which is just what anyone would want on a Saturday afternoon.
According to the owner of the outlet, the restaurant is more than just a gimmick.
Drinks available at the cafe continue with the deadly theme - with names like "painful"
Veeranut Rojanaprapa hopes his new venture will teach Thai folks – most of whom are Buddhist – about the benefits of being “death aware”.
He claims that by spending a few minutes in the dark isolation of a coffin, Thailand’s technology-obsessed younger generation will be forced to rethink their life choices.
One customer said the whole atmosphere felt like she was at a funeral
With his café slap-bang in the middle of a small neighbourhood in northern Bangkok, Rojanaprapa hopes his morbid café will be a welcome daily reminder that life is very short.
However, the café’s presence has not been met with a glowing welcome, with some locals reportedly taking shortcuts just to avoid looking at it.
Source: The Sun UK

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